Harlan Consulting

Since 1993, Harlan Consulting has been helping organizational clients achieve higher performance results and realize greater levels of employee satisfaction. The education we provide includes the critical skills to lead and work successfully in today's culturally complex world. We help individuals and teams use those skills to solve problems and capture opportunities.

Our approach is positive and proactive – we build on the strengths of our clients leveraging leadership vision and employee inspiration to unlock the unlimited human potential in their workforce. We integrate diversity and intercultural dynamics into our work to ensure that management solutions are inclusive and address the complexities of our world.

Our work is informed – we study trends, collaborate with researchers, and stay abreast of discoveries in behavioral and social science. Our measurement is rigorous – we measure what's important, not what's easy, getting quantitative and qualitative data, comparing pre, post, and post-then perspectives, and tracking changes over time.

Whether our primary focus with an organization is on the individuals we're coaching, on the teams we're developing, or on the whole organization we're aligning, our outcomes include measurable improvements in productivity, retention, workgroup cooperation, innovation, individual accountability, customer service, and employee satisfaction.

Ultimately, our work is collaborative – we work with our clients to create the conditions for change that will best support their goals. We've enjoyed multi-year engagements with many of our clients including Aker Solutions, BP Amoco, Centers for Disease Control, Duke Energy, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries, Knowledge Universe, Legacy Community Health Services, Shell Oil, Spectra Energy, US Cellular, the United States Air Force Academy, the United States Department of Agriculture, and the United States Secret Service.

We'd welcome the opportunity to talk with you. Together, we can find the most effective way to get you and your organization to a higher level of performance.

Contact us at info@harlanconsulting.com or call Mary Harlan at (713) 464-2484.